Roxy debuted in 1990 with the idea to unify female surfers in community and provide for them a brand that fit their lifestyle: “fun, bold, athletic, daring and classy.” Being born of Quiksilver and therefore with love for the ocean a part of their lineage, it was a natural step for Roxy to create a line of fun and attractive surfboards. in conjunction with experienced shaper Randy French, Randy designed and built a series of Roxy surfboards that are enjoyed worldwide.

As stand up paddling grew and girls that love the water started experiencing the ocean through SUP, Roxy again looked to Randy to shape SUP boards that were better suited for girls to have fun on the water in a new and exciting way.

Roxy SUPs are styled and shaped specifically for the smaller paddler that needs a board that she can handle with ease, because your next chance to have a good time could be right around the corner!

Roxy SUP
Length: 9’6″
Width: 30″
Thick: 4.33″
Volume: 142.4L
Fin: FCS 2+1
SKU: L2017

Roxy SUP
Length: 10’6″
Width: 32.25″
Thick: 4.3″
Volume: 166.8L
Fin: FCS 2+1
SKU: L2018
boomstick is a sponger