JM Paddleboards

Adrian Birse first started shaping as a 16 year old in a neighbors garage in the 80′s; a kid who loved the idea of making his own boards. By the early 90′s he was sponsored and paddling competitively, and began working in the factory for a local Australian surf company. in 2003,
after 10 years in the industry, he went solo. Adrian knew fellow Aussie Jamie mitchell through the race scene, and that year he shaped Jamie an 18’ paddleboard, and their dynamic relationship had begun.

Jamie had won the fearsome molokai-2-oahu Paddleboard World Championship three times in a row when he got on Adrian’s unlimited paddleboard designs in 2003. They collaborated to come up with an 18′ paddleboard that Jamie took through another seven consecutive wins to earn his place in history with an incredible ten wins. This proved to the world that their partnership and designs were a winning formula. in 2005, upon Jamie’s urging, Adrian took his knowledge of paddleboard design and began shaping SUPs. 2009 was a particularly good year for JM Paddleboards, as Adrian shaped winning paddleboards for multiple divisions in the Australian nationals, as well as Jamie’s winning molokai- 2-oahu paddleboard and his Battle of the Paddle SUP.

Jamie and Adrian continue to refine designs and see success and growth, producing top models in Surftech technologies.


Mini Mitcho
Length: 9’6″
Width: 26″
Thick: 5.6″
Volume: 136.9L
Fin: Single
SKU: E0017

Length: 12’6″
Width: 30″
Thick: 6.18″
Volume: 255L
Fin: Single
SKU: E0009

Length: 14’
Width: 29″
Thick: 6.65″
Volume: 259L
Fin: Single
SKU: E0008
boomstick is a sponger